Made in France

French Made.png

Back in the seventies, racing gear was made to last.

Whether coming from Finland, the USA, France, Germany... quality was the common feature of mxm gear.

Since we were all experienced riders, R&D was an obsession for us and it was the main reason for our success and recognition at the time.

For us today, the very idea of manufacturing mx and trials gear means it has to be locally manufactured, whatever the cost.

We' re not at all the kind of guys who go shopping for low cost kit from somewhere in China.

It is so incredibly rewarding to be working closely with French technical textile experts, and wonderfully skilled garment-makers... all being paid a good wage !

And what a joy it is to design a product and then immediately be able to produce and modify a prototype in our own workshop !

It feels like we're back in those great seventies, when every new racing season would bring innovations in comfort, look, protection...

and the urge to GO RIDING  !!




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