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motocross marketing

was born in the legendary seventies

did you say... "Vintage" ?

And since the passion is still there :

We've decided to re-manufacture our old vintage racing gear to match the beauty of our vintage bikes.

No way we're gonna ride them with that goofy modern gear again !!

It took us a year of rummaging around to find our washed-out old racing gear, and those early sketches of our original jerseys and pants, as well as researching the best possible materials still available today, sometimes having them specially tailored to our specs.

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This is the result :

A clothing range with a totally "seventies" look and quality, all made in France (apart from hats... for now)

Every item is available in variety ofcolor combos, quality range and custom made options.

Each one is produced and printed to order.

We are able to deliver every order within around 30 days.

Thierry, Gilles & Bertrand PICARD

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