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Motocross Marketing started with two brothers, Gilles and Thierry Picard and a group of passionate friends who ended up profondly changing the entire off road scene in the late seventies.


Starting in France, and quickly spreading across Europe, motocross marketing either imported or made and distributed the best and most innovative gear for modern motocross, enduro and trials.


Origines suite
Mike Mitty




Every single rider in the eighties rode at some time with  DG, or Falk, Happytime, Sinisalo, Win, Gold Belt, JT Racing, Answer, Simons, Grand Prix, Venhill, Scott, Oakley, Axo, Bell, Ohlins...


Motocross Marketing sponsored the best riders in every country : Malherbe, Jobé, Everts, 3 world motocross champions the same year in 1981, something never seen before !! And also many others including Lalay, Auriol, Neveu at the Paris Dakar, or Coutard, Vesterinen and Burgat in World Trials !!


Motocross Marketing's motto was






Gilles Caltex

The top photo here is Gilles Picard, one of the founders, with his very first helmet, a 1965 Caltex...

At that time he didn't know that he would spend most of his life with a helmet on his head (or may be he did know...?)



After racing more than 400 000 kms around the planet on a motorcycle, then in a racing car (30 Dakar in total) and even on a snowmobile, when he puts a helmet on these days for a vintage mx or trials, it feels just like "going to work in the morning"...





Today, a few years later, pretty much the same band of friends meet on Sundays at a vintage mx, enduro or trials race..



Bikes are like jewels, but the racing gear of the past has disappeared.


When you ride "vintage", your only choice is old worn out gear or, heaven forbid, unsuitable modern neon-colored stuff.

Now is it going to be... " the worst you look, the slower you ride " ?

We just can't handle that !


This is exactly why we decided to create a small range of good-looking racing gear that we're proud to wear.

It feels good and guess what ? It works : we ride faster  !!   (and more often)


Everything is manufactured locally, without any compromises around quality.

Just like before.


Actually, nothing has really changed...

Oldies Roulage

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